Beer Park’s Beery Vision

We’ve been blown away by your response to Beer Park in our opening week so I thought I’d explain a bit about how we got here and what we’re aiming for.

Beer Park arrived after years and years of well-lubricated chats about an ideal beer venue – finally solidifying as a bit of a lockdown fever dream. It’s actually an amalgam of three things I’ve valued in a beery life.

A great and welcoming place to drink beer and meet beery people. This has traditionally meant a warm and welcoming British pub but is now extending to less conventional craft bars, taprooms and in lockdown even the back garden bar at home. I like pubs but the lighter and brighter small craft bars can be a great way to drink and meet up.

A wide and varied choice of beer.  Not too long ago we got excited by a pub with two guest beers – but then you went to Belgium and were presented with a menu of 50 beers in the average bar – now it can mean a rotating range of 150 beers up in even modest bottle shops. Such a range is a must to match the output of 1000’s of innovative small brewers.  And I do mean a varied choice – I’ve faced the risk of being sucked into a narrow craft channel of Double IPAs and Imperial Stouts and missing out on the great traditional British, Belgian and German beers.

Easy ways to get the beer.  Home drinking balances sessions out, so building the stash without fuss was always important. On the continent I can back my car up in a beer warehouse and fill my boot from a range of several hundred beers. Struggling with bags of bottles and cans from town centre bottle shops is a pain so we chose an edge of town location with parking and only a few minutes from the motorway.  I also find that getting someone else to choose is a great way to find new breweries and styles so a good subscription is a must.

Opening Beer Park is a bit of a gamble that others want the things I want.  So far we’ve been encouraged but really appreciate feedback on how we build on this.

I’ll try and knock out a short personal blog each week so keep an eye out.



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